Interweave Scholarship Program

College Scholarships

CIIT Philippines believes in the future of Digital Arts and Technology in the Philippines. Hence, we support aspiring and passionate students to move closer to their dreams through our college scholarships. Check our list of scholarship programs and requirements below:

Scholarship Programs:

Interweave Scholarship Program

The Interweave Scholarship Program is offered to incoming and new CIIT students who recently graduated from Senior High School. To be qualified, he/she must be an honor student who has excellent grades in SHS.

Launch your creative career


  1. Incoming College Student (from CIITSHS or other SHS)
  2. Complete Admission Credentials
  3. Average Grade in Previous School must be at least be equivalent to 3.2 (or 93%) based on CIIT Grading System
  4. Must have no failing grades
  5. Must not have any major offense
  6. Must pass the CIIT Admissions Test
  7. Student Output and/or Portfolio


  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. At least two Faculty Recommendation Letters
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character or recommendation from the Guidance and Counselling Center
  4. Interview with Scholarship Committee
  5. 2-5 mins video presentation on why the student should be granted a scholarship

Additional Requirements as deemed needed:

  1. Latest Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  2.  Certificate of Unemployment from Barangay for all non-working parents and/or guardians


100% on Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees


Interested students should follow the admission procedures for applicants and pass the CIIT College Admissions Test before proceeding with the scholarship application. Once you passed the examination, you may do the following:

Step 1

Fill-up and submit the completed Application Form and requirements to the Student Affairs Office

Step 2

SAO will schedule an interview with the Applicant and/or Parents/Guardians of the Applicant

Step 3

Approval or Disapproval of Application by the Scholarship Committee and School Board

Step 4

MOU Signing and orientation of the policy covering Scholarship

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