multimedia arts course

Multimedia Arts: Bringing Images to Life

Unlike in the old days when all images are barely created by hand, the art of creating and telling visual stories has evolved in an extremely great pace. Thanks to digital evolution, learning multimedia arts was made easier, more exciting, and more fun.

The use of sequential imagery makes it easier for us to understand, retain, and share information, whether it is for entertainment, education, or commercialism.

In fact, many of us grew up surrounded by stories narrated through pictures in several media such as:

  • Television
  • Film
  • Comic books
  • Cartoons
  • Interactive videos or games

Enhanced Visual Storytelling

Certainly, visual storytelling is nothing new.The only difference is that nowadays, multimedia and new techniques are used to communicate ideas visually. They bring new sophistication and more depths to images from simple cartoons to commercials.

But animated images and special effects don’t just amuse their audience;they also provoke a range of emotions. Instead of expressing feelings through words, many find it easier to express their sentiments through animated images. This is why online photo-sharing/video-sharing social networking sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest are becoming a hit.

With the growing popularity and increasing need for visual images on video games, movies, television, and online outlets, the demand for animation experts and other related field professionals is expected to double in the coming years.

Creating animation, graphic design, website imaging, and visual effects for a more realistic storytelling, on the other hand, require not only creative skills but also technical expertise. High computer and other electronic media skills are critical for multimedia artists and animators to create a surreal visual storytelling.

Hone Creative Skills

Creative skills, however, are not enough to become an avant-garde multimedia artist. More than ingenuity, an aspirant should also make sure to develop his or her technological ability. One sure way to cultivate expertise as a graphic and multimedia artist is by going to a school that specifically offers multimedia, digital arts, and IT courses.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology is among the many academic institutions that provide high quality, industry-based education to students. Through its active industry professional instructors and state-of-the-art software and learning equipment, CIIT makes learning perfectly suited to the demands and necessities of the current global market.

CIIT-Philippine’s Multimedia Arts specialist course equips participants with a wide range of multimedia skills to successfully communicate ideas. With the assistance of software and cutting-edge tools, students are trained to work with images, sounds, videos, and visual effects, and are mold to be successful in the field of TV, print, online, or radio.

Apart from this, the school is also one of the few colleges that offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Arts. Its industry-relevant and comprehensive curriculum gives its students three choices of specialization: Graphics Design, 3D Visualization, and Video and Motion Graphics.

To know more about the school and the courses it offers, you may visit ciit.edu.ph.