Your Guide to CIIT Online Admission System (COAST) College & SHS

You don’t need a pen and paper to fill out your application anymore. You don’t even need to leave the house! CIIT has shifted online to offer you a safe and secure way to send in your application. Our new self-service admissions system, COAST (CIIT Admissions Online System) is accessible to all incoming Senior High School and College applicants. We’re letting you take charge of your application, from uploading your own documents to choosing how you want to pay your fees.

By processing your application online, waiting time for your results will be cut down. Your COAST account will provide you with real-time updates on the status of your application. It’s an admissions process with no hassle involved.

COAST offers you complete confidentiality to accomplish your CIIT application in the privacy of your own home. Simply follow the steps below and schedule your online exam soon!

Step 1: Register!

All applicants of CIIT must visit COAST (CIIT Admissions Online System) and fill out the required information to create an account. Once you have signed up, please visit your registered email address and click on the “Activate Account” button in order to activate your account.

Reminder: All notifications related to the online admission process of CIIT such as application status update, document requests, etc. will be sent to your registered email.

Step 2: Settle your payment

Settle the P500 non-refundable admissions fee through the Payments section in COAST. Click the “Go to Payments Page” button or the “Payables” tab to access the online payment gateway. Applicants can now pay online via the integrated gateway, Dragonpay, which offers various payment options such as online banking and e-wallet payments. Click on your preferred payment method to see specific instructions on how to proceed with your payment.

Reminder: Make sure to track your payment. If it has been successfully accepted, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Schedule Your Exam

Upon settling the P500 non-refundable admissions fee, the Admissions Team will call or email you to schedule your exam. CIIT Admissions Exams are scheduled from Mondays to Saturdays.

Reminder: Limited slots per program are offered so we highly encourage you to schedule your entrance exam as early as possible.

Step 4: Take Your Exam

On the date scheduled for your exam, the link to the CIIT Admissions Exam will be sent to your registered email before 10 AM. Click on the provided link in your email. Follow the instructions accordingly. For the Arts program applicants, a drawing exam will also be sent to your email.

Step 5: Request your recommendation forms and fill out the application form

Select “Go to Registration Form” in COAST. Input the necessary information of the individuals who will be filling out your recommendation form. You will receive real-time updates once it has been sent, when they open the email and when they have filled out the form.


Reminder: The applicant is required to submit the name and email address of one (1)individual from their previous school, preferably a guidance counselor, existing or former class adviser or instructor, or principal or dean, who can fill-out the auto-generated recommendation form. The recommendation is only required for Senior High School, Freshmen, and College Transfer student applicants.


After filling out the recommendation form, you will be required to fill out necessary information for the application form in COAST.

Step 6: Submit your requirements

Once you’re done with the application form, upload the required enrollment documents (if available already):


  • Good Moral Character Certificate 
  • Grade 9 or Grade 10 Report Card (F138)
  • PSA Birth Certificate

College Freshman

  • Good Moral Character Certificate
  • Grade 11 or Grade 12 Report Card
  • PSA Birth Certificate

College Transferee / 2nd Courser

  • Good Moral Character Certificate
  • Latest Copy of Grades 
  • Honorable Dismissal / Transfer Credential
  • PSA Birth Certificate

Step 7: Wait for the release of exam results and admissions screening status

The result of your exam and admissions screening will be posted on COAST. CIIT will only process applicants who have submitted the recommendation form and completed the online admissions exam. Upon completing the requirements and the CIIT Admissions Exam, your status should be marked as “For Deliberation” in COAST. Expect a call or email from our Admissions Team for any updates on the status of your exam or tok essay and admissions screening .

Step 8: Reserve your slot!

After successfully passing the admission exam, wait for the Admissions Officer to discuss with you the reservation. Applicants may secure a slot for their program of choice by settling the P5,000 non-refundable reservation fee. Given the limited number of slots open this SY 2022, settling the non-refundable reservation fee will guarantee your enrollment slot in July.


Take the CIIT College Admissions Test now and aim for the highest score! Early applicants for AY 2022-2023 who qualify as one of the top 50 performing examinees will receive the Future CIITzen Scholarship Grant. For more information about this Scholarship, visit www.ciit.edu.ph/scholarships.

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